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Domestic mould removal

We offer mould removal for landlords and homeowners alike, enabling you or your tenants to have a safe and mould-free home.

Commercial mould removal

We carry out mould removal on all commercial properties, as well as for institutions like schools, colleges, and care homes.





How will the mould removal take place?


The mould removal process begins with a call or an email. We can usually give you an accurate quote from photos and videos, so you can make an informed decision about which option to take.

Visual inspection

When we arrive at the property, we will conduct a survey to assess the likely cause of the mould, so you will be able to address that, as well as the mould itself. This survey includes taking non-invasive moisture and humidity readings to see how ‘wet’ the room(s) may be.

Protein swab sample (Free!)

At the start of the mould removal process, we will determine the level of contamination. At the end of our remediation, we will conduct a second sample to validate the clean and to make sure no other areas of mould are present.

ULV (ultra-low volume) fog

It is important to reduce the level of airborne mould spores, to bring the level back down to a safe level. It is after this, that the clean up and decontamination of the whole room takes place.

Physical removal of mould

It is important to carry out this aspect with care. We use vacuums with advanced Hepa filtration, to trap extremely small particles and spores, and prevent contamination of the air during the mould removal.


After the bulk of the removal has been completed, we clean the area with an antimicrobial solution, to wash any remnants of the contaminant away.

Second protein swab

This sample is taken to check that all mould remnants have been removed from the area in question, and reassure you that we have performed our work to a high standard.

Report within 24 hours

You will receive a detailed mould remediation report. This includes moisture and humidity readings, before and after photos, and list of recommendation to follow.

We will guarantee our work for 12 months, as long as all of our recommendations within the report are followed to help prevent the contamination from reoccurring.


If you are a homeowner or tenant, send us photos of the mould, and the reasons to believe there is mould. It is also helpful to let us know if you have any ideas about the cause, such as poor ventilation or cracks to the exterior walls of the property.

If we do not detect mould and we determine that no mould remediation is required, a partial refund will be given, and if in the unlikely event that you are quoted incorrectly we won’t stick to the quote.

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Frequently asked questions


Do we need to vacate property during work?

You can be there during service, but we recommend you vacate for 2 hours after fogging (the solution we use is not unsafe, it just would not be comfortable to breath it in). If you have any health issues or allergies related to the mould, we recommend spending the day away from the property, as some spores will become airborne during cleaning.

How do I prevent mould after?

All the ways to prevent mould will be included in the report. This includes a list of recommendations for the occupants to follow to stop the mould returning. As long as this is followed you will get a 1 year guarantee for the areas treated.

How do I know if it's mould?

Mould comes in all different colours and varieties, the protein swab we take will show if you have mould contamination.

What is the difference between mould and mildew?

Mildew is the typical term given for mould which grows on trees and plants.

How can I tell if I have a mould problem?

You may detect a musty odour in the home, or you may notice lingering cold symptoms. Mould is usually easy to see on visible surfaces, but it often occurs behind furniture or appliances. If you suspect there may be mould, check these areas, especially if the climate and atmosphere is damp.

How much will it cost?

Prices start from £249, and we offer a free no-obligation quote for all customers who send in images or videos that allow us to assess the extent of the incursion.